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Finding The Best Appliance Package For Your Home

Choosing the best appliance package for one’s home can be challenging. However, with a just a little advanced planning and research, finding the right appliance package is not only easily accomplished, but can be done economically as well.

One of the best reviews that can be obtained on any appliance package is one based on the feedback of friends or neighbors, who themselves have purchased a similar package for their home. This works well for a number of reasons, and can reduce a homeowner’s risk associated with purchasing unknown brands. Not only can they share their experience of the appliance’s operation, ease of use and reliability, but they can also tell of any related concerns or problems.

By far the preferred approach for locating the best pricing on an appliance package is one that involves careful review, over the course of days, weeks or months. By “buying time,” one can get a better sense of pricing for the appliances being sought, as well as any price fluctuations based on the product’s demand, sales and availability. It is better to make a wise decision, than a spur of the moment one.

Some things to consider:

Energy Star rating
Ease of use
Operation of controls
Warranty coverage
BTU’s or wattage
Cost comparison
Size and shape of the appliances

Of course, the size and shape of the item’s within the appliance package need to be considered. Being acutely conscientious of the available space for an appliance, including height, width and breath, can pay great dividends and avert disaster. Nothing can be worse than having items delivered (and paying for delivery), only to find out your appliance package will not fit into your home’s available space. When you go “window shopping,” be sure to take a tape measure, pen and notepad.

Take a close look at the controls of the appliances. One of the biggest complaints by homeowners about appliances they’ve purchased is the practical functionality of its controls, and utility of design. Putting one’s imagination to task can reap big benefits. It may not always be easy or seem viable, but visually “walking through” the steps of use of a given appliance, can provide a better sense of how it will work in one’s kitchen, pantry, workspace or home.

Make sure the switch, dials, knobs or readouts, are friendly to the hands and eyes. As an example, if a control is difficult to turn or move or see, imagine how you would feel if it had to be viewed, turned or moved multiple times a day, for years on end. Remember, the appliance package decided on, will likely be used by yourself and members of the household, day and night, over and over again, for many years to come.

So it pays to visit a showroom where you can “work” the controls, and get a real sense of the appliance’s practicality. As an example, I purchased a stove, and then later installed an “under-the-cabinet” microwave above the stove, where the vent-hood would have ordinarily have been located. Not only was the configuration not a wise one, but the microwave was so low that it blocked the view of the stoves controls, which were positioned on a panel towards the rear of the stove, against the wall. It made it nearly impossible to see the stove’s controls, without bending over to see the panel, which was partially hidden from view by the over hanging microwave oven.

You may want to consider an extended warranty. Does the appliance package being considered come with a stellar reputation for reliability? Remember, the retailer or outlet the appliances is purchased from may not be in business when the appliance has an issue or problem, years down the line. This is where the manufacturers warranty becomes extremely important. Determine how long the item is covered for, what it covers, and under what conditions it applies. Down the line, if something does happen, this can make a world of difference.

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